Beta Shoes 7207RK Safety Shoe Beta

  • Beta Shoes 7207RK  Safety Shoe Beta
Beta Shoes

Beta Shoes 7207RK Safety Shoe Beta

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  • Colour: Black
  • Size: 6.5
  • Feature: None
  • Material: Leather
  • Sole: Polyurethane
  • ToeCap: Steel
  • Mid Sole: Steel
  • Width: 10 Mondopoint

• Airnet lining
• Steel toe cap, 200 Joules
• Penetration proof underfoot made of COMPOSITE INSOLE fibre
• Anatomically shaped insole (tolto “new fresh”)
• High-grip nitrile rubber mounted outsole
• Antistatic, antimycotic

Special high-grip, durable (300 °C with 1 minute contact) nitrile rubber outsoles directly mounted on the uppers are the main hallmark of these four pairs of shoes.
Hence these shoes are ideal for use during any jobs subject to high abrasion, e.g. in roadworking and shipbuilding, earth moving, welding and heavy-duty carpentry.
In addition, they are recommended for use in geographical areas subject to humidity (where average daily humidity exceeds 75%) – that is, where shoes with polyurethane outsoles should not be used.



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