Cofra Fitness Range

cofra comfortable fitness footwear lightweight safety shoes sturdy wearable

Cofra brings you the very latest in footwear to support your feet while you work to make being on your feet all day that bit more bearable.

With 3 self-modelling gel inserts with different density in the metatarsal and calcaneal support points enable the shoes to adapt to the shape of your feet providing support where needed when its needed.

With outstanding absorption of applied loading forces on your feet, the Fitness range provide the ideal footwear for all environments.


  • Poly Ethelene Protection with 1100N zero perforation guarantee
  • Non-woven fabric and puncture resistant midsole
  • 200J Fibreglass secure toe cap
  • PU / TPU sole with outstanding tread and wearing capabilities

Check out the range HERE or watch the video below;