Beta RSC24 Roller Tool Cabinet

The mobile roller tool cabinet RSC24 represents the pinnacle of design, use of robust, quality materials making the Beta RSC24 the most flexible and useable mobile tool cabinet available on the market today.

Beta has been a leading pioneer in the manufacturing of tool containers for more than 50 years with the C25 launched in 1969, representing a real revolution in the world of manual workshop work. The first model of the mobile roller cab C24 was initially introduced in the 1980s and has rightly a key part of the overall progressive development process which is an integral to the Beta Tools workshop equipment plan. Since its launch the C24 has stood out in the market for his sturdiness, fine details and finishes. Over the years since it has been constantly changed to keep pace with technological and manufacturing innovation, covering shape, enhanced manufacturing processes and increasingly high performances. This was to ensure it was, and still is, the best roller cab on the market in terms of quality / price ratio.

In recent years Beta have decided to further enhance this iconic product making aesthetic and above all structural improvements to the roller cab, now named the Beta RSC24. The roller tool cabinet range is available in a range of models with 5, 6, 7 or 8 drawers and a wide choice of 7 colours, ensuring your new unit fits within your workshop colour scheme or preferences.

The frame is extremely sturdy as testified by the number of bands on the edge of the unit which creates a real column that transfers the load from the top to the big wheels. The wheels are placed on casters, which are very strong due to their steel core and are securely bolted to the main cabinet, not riveted like some market rivals are, meaning they can be easily changed in case of damage, meaning the lifetime usage of the roller cab is likely to exceed that of competitors. Another important structural element is the fact that the handle is integrate entirely within the roller cab within the column meaning it’s very easy to lift while maintaining complete safety and balance when moving the unit up or down steps or over uneven ground. This shows a unique robustness for the Beta RSC24 whatever, or wherever, you may use the roller cab.

Based on structural improvements and on the fine first-rate material used the new Beta RSC24 supports you as an even more reliable and durable roller cab with a wide range of accessories available. This range of accessories includes the plywood work top which fits perfectly inside the edges of the cabinet top, along with the perforated panel where you can hang all the tools you use most frequently during the day, the side shelf that can be used as an extension of the work top or as a shelf for an electronic device or PC. Further accessories include a bottle holder included in price while a paper roll holder and document holder can be added to the unit, all of which have the same graphics identifying the highly professional range of our tool containers across the entire range of tool cabinets, tool boxes, tool chests and, additionally, Beta Workshop equipment.

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