Beta Tools – High Quality Products, Italian Style

Who are Beta Tools?

For nearly 100 years Beta Utensili, aka Beta Tools, has lead the way in the design and production of professional working tools and instruments. Active in more than 100 countries worldwide, Beta has eight commercial branches and over 250 importers across the globe. Beta’s far reaching distribution network serves professional users across the world with over 14,000 items in the overall range divided into 30 product families.

Beta’s tools are developed specifically for all industrial applications, as well as vehicle repair and professional users, while being just as good for the advanced hobbyist too.

Tradition and innovation are the key ingredients which the Beta team relies on every day to design and manufacture top quality, safe and durable tools, which are steadily upgraded over time to satisfy professional users new requirements and to integrate improved manufacturing techniques and materials.

As one of the few Premium Beta suppliers in the UK, Ai Workwear are long and proud to partner Beta Tools in providing an extensive range of tools, tool boxes, modular workshop equipment, accessories and many, many more products across the almost unrivalled extensive range.

For further information for the entire range of more than 14,000 Beta Tools products, call us on 01924 220303 or email us at

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