Beta 1944N needle scaler - 3.800spm

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Beta 1944N needle scaler - 3.800spm

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Needle scaler

• Suitable for removing rust, paint and welding slags from metal surfaces
• The independently moving steel needles allow access to any kind of fissure, which is necessary for removing mud, lime and concrete from building equipment
• Exhaust through handle
• Fitted with 19 needles (Ø 3 mm)
• Can be used with a 28-needle kit (Ø 2 mm)
Strokes per minute 3800
Stroke length 33 mm
N°. of needles 19
Needle size (Ø) 3 mm
Air inlet 1/4" GAS
Working pressure 6.2 bar
Internal hose size (Ø) 8 mm
Mean air consumption 85 l/min
Weight 2.7 kg

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