Cofra Force A E P FO WRU HRO SRC
Cofra Force A E P FO WRU HRO SRC
Cofra Force A E P FO WRU HRO SRC
Cofra Force A E P FO WRU HRO SRC

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Cofra Force A E P FO WRU HRO SRC

List price £85.99

STANDARD: EN ISO 17249:2013

UPPER: water repellent printed leather with cut protection

EXTERNAL LINING: breathable synthetic

INTERNAL LINING: TEXELLE 100% polyamide fabric, breathable, it absorbs and releases the moisture, abrasion resistant

FOOTBED: SOFT-BED, made of soft and scented polyurethane, antistatic, anatomic, holed, soft and comfortable. The upper layer absorbs moisture and keeps the foot dry. Cold and heat insulation

SOLE: stitched, fully made of nitrile rubber resistant to +300 °C (1 minute contact)

TOE CAP: steel resistant to 200 J

MIDSOLE: non metallic APT PLATE - Zero Perforation

WIDTH: 12 Mondopoint

PLUS: footwear with chainsaw cut protection, stitched sole

PERFORMANCES AND TECHNICAL FEATURES: HRO, saw and chain protection, stitched sole

SIZES: 39-48 (EU), 6-13 (UK)

Technologies and Materials

The footwear protecting against chainsaw cuts are provided with a special protection in the forepart to avoid any serious injury to the lower arts in the event that a moving chainsaw (at high kinetic energy) gets out of hand. It is recommended to select the footwear considering the chainsaw speed.

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