Metal Pro-Nit, Nitrile Cut 5 -  Pack 12
Metal Pro-Nit, Nitrile Cut 5 -  Pack 12

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Metal Pro-Nit, Nitrile Cut 5 - Pack 12

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MATERIAL: nitrile

STANDARDS: EN 420, EN 388, EN ISO 13997, EN 407


TECHNICAL FEATURES : glove made of DuPont Kevlar® aramidic fibre which provides an excellent protection against cutting (level 5 of EN 388 and level 5 of ISO 13997) , the lining made of DuPont Kevlar® aramidic fibre grants high cut protection that unlike nylon, polyester of HDPE (plastic fibre), is guaranteed also with heat sources or during handling of hot objects , minimum protection against flame, METAL PRO-NIT grants processings having short contact with objects up to 250°C, the coating made of NITRA-X which covers also the knuckles, grants protection against oil penetration thus maintaining flexibility.

PALM: NITRA-X nitrile

BACK: NITRA-X Nitrile coating up to the knuckles

LINING: DuPont Kevlar® aramidic fibre reinforced with a flexible steel mesh

COLOUR: yellow/black

PROTECTION: protection against cutting“ Level 5, protection against cutting“ special, heat /flame protection, mechanical protection - heavy

APPLICATION: metal production, heavy mechanical industry, suitable for the use of grinder, milling, metal sheets handling in oily and dirty conditions, handling of metal parts with irregular and sharp borders, industrial gear assembling, protection against large molten metal, stamping, underfloor wheel lathe

GRIP/AREA OF USE: oily surfaces

G075-D100  1 dozen (12 single packed gloves), 


SIZES: 8-11 (M-XXL)

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Choose the best cut-resistant gloves

There are several types of cut-resistant gloves according to the worker™s needs and risks that the glove should protect against. The European standards are strict and help understanding the features of the glove and its levels of protection. EN 388 standard (protection against mechanical risks) describes the procedure to measure the cut resistance: a sharp circular blade rotates through the surface of the glove. The result represents the number of cycles required by the blade to cut through the glove and can be a value between level 0 and level 5. However, the test performed by EN 388 does not reflect everyday work, since it does not take into consideration the real forces that come into play during a normal work, such as when the contact with a cutting tool is stronger than normal or if the workers handle tools that can slip out of their hands by accident. For this reason, EN 388 standard allows testing the glove even with a more severe method: ISO 13997 testing. It uses a straight blade drawn across the glove while it moves along a plain surface. The test result represents the blade force that the glove can resist to: it ranges from 4 (if it resists to a force greater than 13 N) to 5 (if it resists to a force greater than 22 N).

In detail, the norm recommends the ISO 13997 testing for gloves made of high cut-resistance materials, ensuring a REAL PROTECTION.

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