Robur Beta 8146C Lever hoist, compact EN13157

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Robur Beta 8146C Lever hoist, compact EN13157

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Lever hoist, compact

- Professional model, complies with EN13157 standard, easy to install and use.
- Designed to lift, pull and secure heavy loads quickly and safely.
- Can be connected to a fixed point or mobile devices for lifting operations.
- Can be used in any position for tensioning and anchoring operations.
- Automatic brake with double pawl system for optimized safety.
- Roller bearings for increased smoothness and durability.
- Swivel hook with safety latch.
- Safety factor: 4.

safety factor: 4
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Manufacturer’s Certificate
CE Declaration of Conformity
Test Report UNI EN10204 type 2.2
Technical Product Specifications

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